Parallel Guide KIT

Parallel Guide

Parallel Guide Surgical Kit

This unique kit from Osstem Implant is designed to make implant locating and directing more straightforward without the use of a surgical stent. Featuring several guiding tools, this kit makes it easier to place implants accurately every time.


  • The kit allows the clinician to set implant locations and directions more easily using a combination of single and bridge guides, improving precision.
  • The Parallel guide kit can be used for numerous surgical cases, including single and bridge cases.

Kit Components

This drill is meant only for use with the single guide. A marking on the drill helps identify and adjust the depth of the drill from 6mm to 8mm.

Pins are used to check the path after drilling and can be attached to a single guide as a placeholder while placing other drill points.

This disposable drilling guide set is sized to approximate the diameters of mesiodistal crowns, coming in 1mm units from Ø5.0 to Ø10.0. When used with a guide pin, they can also be used in the placement of adjacent guides.

These guides are used after initial drilling with a single guide, measuring the spacing from one drill point to the next.

Osstem offers these products and more from our vast inventory of dental surgery equipment. From dental surgical kits to implants and drills, we have everything you need to prepare for an implant surgery. On top of it all, we provide comprehensive support services for our customers to help doctors master our products more quickly. These services include in-office surgical mentoring, accredited dental continuing education courses and on-call local support services, among others.

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