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Drill Kits

Each drill and dental implant kit component is backed by Osstem Implants’ expertise in dental surgical equipment production. As professionals dedicated to dental health and the advancement of dental surgery, we’ve spent countless resources on the research and development of implant systems and dental surgical techniques so we can bring you the best in modern dental surgical equipment. With tools from Osstem Implants, you can give your patients the “third set of teeth” they want.

Osstem Implant Drill Kits

Osstem Implant’s drill kits are specially designed to provide the perfect drill sequences for specific dental surgeries. Our kits include the following:

Optimised for the taper fixture, this kit allows dental surgeons to set 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 implant diameters in as few steps as possible with optimal results.

The Crestal Approach Sinus Kit, or CAS kit, makes placing dental implants in the posterior maxilla significantly easier. The kit includes a set of drills and tools designed for easier, safer augmentation of the sinus at this angle.

The Lateral Approach Sinus Kit, or LAS Kit, is designed for a safe sinus lift from this angle, with dome drills for dentists and tools meant to aid in the augmentation of the sinus bone.

Short for Easy Safe Stable Expanding and Tapping Kit, this is a dental ridge split kit that offers greater predictability and safety than conventional methods.

Osstem Implant is a dental drill manufacturer, offering a variety of products and services for dental implant surgeons. From implant systems to dental surgery kits to personalised support services, Osstem Implant has everything your dental surgery practice needs to give your patients a new smile that lasts a lifetime. Learn more about Osstem Implant today by contacting us and speaking with a sales representative.

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