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TSIII 3.0 System

TSIII 3.0 System

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Conventional Implant for Restrictive Spaces

Our TSIII 3.0 Implant provides a strong, mini-solution for needing a fixture with a smaller diameter. As a member of our TS System, this implant features our Sand-blasted and Acid-etched (SA) surface, as well as our bio-compatible titanium build.


As an TSIII Implant, the 3.0 model shares many of the advantages of our award-winning TSIII SA Implant. Developed by the Osstem Implant research team, benefits of this implant and its mini-fixture include

SA surface to provide optimal surface roughness and morphology.


Hermetic seal to minimise micro-movement and reduce saliva and bacteria percolation.


Apical design for path-correction, self-tapping and initial stability that’s secure in soft bones.


Corkscrew thread for aggressive self-threading and maintaining implant path.


Extensive tests by our research and development team also demonstrate the advantage of our TSIII 3.0 Implant when compared to implants with a Resorbable Blast Media (RBM) surface

A 45 percent improvement in the surface area.


A 20 percent decrease in bone healing times.


A 20 percent decrease in cell response times.


Earlier loading times

as soon as six weeks after placing an implant — is another benefit of this implant. A self-sealing, 11-degree Morse taper connection is another feature of our TSIII 3.0 Implant that provides built-in platform switching. All our implants offer easy mastery and installation, which results in shorter surgery times.

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Provide Quality and Safety With an TSIII 3.0 Implant

At Osstem, we’ve become one of the top five implant companies in the world through our commitment to developing innovative and safe dental implants through in-depth research and testing, as well as strict quality control measures that start at production and end at shipping.

Provide your patients with a high-quality and safe dental implant with our TSIII 3.0 implant. Contact our knowledgeable team for more information today.