Surgical kits require more than drills and guides – they also need materials to handle pre- and post-procedure tasks. This is why Osstem Implant provides the highest quality impression products and materials for our surgical kits.

Osstem Implant works with impression product – HySil. It features excellent handling and precision and set quickly to the benefit of patients.

Impression Products and Materials

HySil is a hydrophilic impression material with excellent handling qualities and good set time, resulting in precise impressions for use in implant creation.

Osstem Implant is a dental implant manufacturer and dental material supplier, offering a wide range of products and services for dental implant surgeons. Osstem Implant carries everything implant surgeons need from surgical kits, drills and guides to impression materials, all at the highest quality available. Let one of our product experts walk you through the variety of options we carry, so you can bring your patients new smiles that last lifetimes.

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