Titanium mesh

Titanium Mesh Membranes


SMARTBuilder is a titanium mesh membrane designed to enhance and support the bone graft process. This bone graft provides the space maintenance and support necessary for bone augmentation, especially in areas of alveolar bone defects where bone regrowth is weak.


SMARTBuilder comes in Lateral and Papilla iterations. The Lateral design is ideal for simple socket extractions and other cases that require horizontal or vertical bone augmentation. The Papilla design is used to augment bone growth vertically, restoring papilla height for aesthetic reasons.

Both designs feature smooth edges and preformed domed shapes, minimising potential exposure through soft tissue all while supporting the shape of a graft against deformation forces. The graft can even attach directly to an implant to improve the quality of the attachment.


  • SMARTBuilder supports and maintains a bone graft’s space, securing bone material and providing coverage to improve the chances of a bone graft’s success.
  • The optimised preformed shape eliminates the need for modification, reducing costs and materials.
  • SMARTBuilder features a pore pattern designed to optimise the diffusion of natural fluids and growth factors throughout the tissue without letting soft and hard tissue form cell occlusions. ​

SMARTBuilder is used in combination with a bone graft material like A-Oss or Q-Oss+ offered by Osstem Implant. Like other Osstem products, SMARTBuilder is backed by our expertise and dedication to dental health. We commit countless resources to research and development to bring you the best in dental surgery equipment, so you can rely on our tools to bring your patient’s the results they need.

Osstem offers these products and more from our vast inventory of dental surgery equipment. From dental surgical kits to implants and drills, we have everything you need to prepare for an implant surgery. On top of it all, we provide comprehensive support services for our customers to help doctors master our products more quickly. These services include in-office surgical mentoring, accredited dental continuing education courses and on-call local support services, among others.

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