A-Oss is the most similar bone graft materials to the human bone with 3-dimensional micro-pores using BSE Free raw materials

Porous structure

Similar to natural cancellous bone that perform as a scaffold with 3 dimensional porous structure. It works as a tunnel of body fluids, blood vessel and cell.

Surface structure

Fine porous structure allows new bone cells to attach and proliferate that provide sufficient space for combination and storage of nutrients and effective factors.

Hydrophilicity evaluation

Enough space to contain blood by high porosity and large surface.

New bone generation ability evaluation

Excellent conditions for osteogenesis by great hydrophicity compared to other company, moreover, possible for long term volume maintenance.

Clinical comment
by User
(Dr. Kim YongJin)

Xenograft is able to maintain volume in long period due to non-absorbable bone material. Therefore, the first indication is volume maintenance.

Consideration of clinical case, A-Oss indicated excellent volume maintenance in a needed period and proved that suitable bone graft material in which required volume maintenance.

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