Digital Guide Solutions

Digital Guide Solutions

Guided dental surgery is quickly becoming the new standard in dental implant surgery. It allows doctors to plan implants ahead of a surgery date using dental imaging. 

Osstem Implant’ guided dental drilling solutions let doctors visualise and plan implants for a patient’s dental anatomy with a high level of accuracy, even letting them predict the amount of room needed for a crown or other suprastructure after installing the abutment. With Osstem equipment, you get quality results from a quality product.

Benefits of Guided Solutions

  • Increased safety for patients through improved anatomical visualization and planning.
  • Maximized efficiency as doctors can plan and prepare for detailed implant procedures.
  • Improved preparation for abutment and suprastructure installations, resulting in improved aesthetics.

Osstem Implant Guided Solutions

Osstem Implant offers several guided dental implant kits, each with its unique set of drills and tools to suit your office’s needs and capabilities. These include:

A keyless guided surgery kit that is designed to be safe and straightforward. Featuring
several drilling tools designed for precision, this kit allows for more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal errors or drill heating.

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This unique and straightforward kit is designed to help place implants parallel with proper spacing. Featuring single guides, guide pins and bridge guides, this package includes all the tools you need to place implants accurately every time.

This simplified guide kit does not require CBCT scans for placing implants accurately. Instead, the package includes several guides that sit atop existing teeth and guide the drill into appropriate positioning.

Each kit is backed by Osstem Implant’ personalised assistance services. We help doctors master the system, whether they’re new to guided dentistry or have years of experience in the field. With in-office surgical mentoring on implant laboratory procedures, accredited dental continuing education courses and on-call local support services, Osstem Implant gives clinicians the support they need to implement guided solutions with confidence.

Osstem Implant is committed to improving an individual’s health through their dental well-being. With our implant solutions, our goal is to provide patients with a quality “third set of teeth.” For these reasons, we commit countless resources into the research and development of new and improved dental implants, prosthetics and specialised dental kits. With our tools, your patients can get new smiles that last a lifetime.

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