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Surgical Kit

This keyless guided surgery kit is designed to be as simple and as safe as possible. Featuring several precise drilling tools and guide development from Osstem Implant, this kit allows for more accurate, efficient and safe surgery with minimal error and drill heating.


Drilling steps are shortened dramatically by adopting 122 concepts, using different techniques according to bone density.

The OneGuide design allows the clinician to implant teeth despite intermaxillary space limitations by including a side open.

The guides included in the kit allow clinicians to do precise surgery with unshaken drilling at every step of the drilling process.

A side open in the OneGuide drills facilitate a water supply, cooling the contact area to prevent heating at the drill site.

Kit Components

Initial Drills

This is used to make the initial marking into the implant location after Tissue Punch, securing the guide depth for the backward drill. Three are included: the F4.5, F5.0, and F3.5 for soft bone.

Flattening Drill

This drill enables stable cutting without splattering. The kit includes two kinds: one for under F4.5 and another only for F5.0.

OneGuide Drill

This taper drill is optimised for the TSIII fixture, but can also be used for implants with Ø3.5-5.0 diameters up to 7-13mm in length. Two kinds of tools are included: the F4.5 and the other F5.0.

Tissue Punch

This tool is only used for tissue cutting.


The kit also includes NoMount and Fixture drivers to be used in combination with the OneGuide.

On top of these components is the essential OneGuide design, developed and printed by Osstem Implant when a clinician provides a CT scan and Oral model or scan of a patient’s mouth. After confirmation from the clinician, Osstem Implant 3D-prints the unique guide, along with any other requested materials like abutments and crowns, to the clinician for surgery.

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