Surgical Kits

Surgical Kits

Osstem Implants is a quality dental kit manufacturer, producing these quality products and more from our extensive inventory of dental implant supplies. Whether your dental practice needs a fixture extraction kit or simply needs to replace a wrench in an existing kit, we have everything you need in dental implant surgical kits and instruments.

Not only does Osstem Implants offer these kits, but we also offer comprehensive support and education services so you can learn how to use them appropriately. Osstem Implants offers AIC courses in dental implant surgical techniques, including continuing education courses. We also offer training, in-office surgical mentoring and on-call support services. This way, whichever kit you use, you have the support you need to use it with confidence.

Surgical Kits

Specialised dental kits for implantologists are designed to handle specific cases in dental surgery. These dental implant surgical kits include supplies that are essential to a successful surgery, from drills to depth gauges. These kits include

Drill kits include sets of drill heads and their associated tools, each set specialised for a unique purpose or surgery type. The kit comes in a hard case with labelled areas for each drill and tool, creating a compact, easily stored solution for dental surgery.

Tool kits from Osstem Implant feature sets of dental implant instruments specialised for specific surgery types. Each kit comes in a hard, plastic case and includes instruments specially designed for the designated purpose.

Benefits of Dental Surgical Kits

  • The hard case and labelled instrument placements make each kit optimised for storage.
  • The complete system in each kit means dental surgeons have nearly all the specialised instruments they need to complete an implant procedure.
  • Each instrument in each kit comes with a product code, so dental surgeons can easily replace instruments from the Osstem Implants catalogue.

On top of these benefits, each standard dental implant kit is backed by Osstem Implants’ expertise in dental surgical instrument production. As part of our dedication to dental health, we’ve spent years and countless resources on research and development in our dental implant supplies. With our commitment to quality, we can guarantee the best dental implant instruments and kits possible so dental surgeons can give their clients the “third set of teeth” they’ve been dreaming of.

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