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Our leading TS System for dental implants has become one of the best dental implant systems in the industry because of our commitment to extensive research and the creation of a high-quality, safe and innovative implant. Implants from our TS System have received recognition from the CR Foundation as well as Dentistry Today in America.

Provide Complete Tooth Replacement to Your Patients

Its design eliminates unnecessary steps so surgery is shorter and easier, and the build of our titanium dental implant systems makes mastery simple.

Our TS System’s single tooth dental implants include:


The ESR or Easy Screw Removal KIT is a user-friendly tool designed to aid in the removal of dental implant components, like the MS Implant system, without damaging surrounding bone.


The EFR or Easy Fixture Removal kit enables dental surgeons to remove fixtures without removing the surrounding bone.

ESR Rescue Kit

ESR Rescue Kit

The abutment and abutment screw are two of the most common areas of failure in implants. The ESR or Easy Screw Removal Kit is an easy-to-use drill kit designed to aid dental surgeons in the implant removal process, improving speed and removal success. In fact, this drill kit provides a removal success rate of over 90%.

ESR Rescue Kit


The drill guide tool helps avoid shaking during the drilling process, keeping the center of the drill fixed especially when using the SR drill.

SR Drill

The SR, or Screw Removal Drill drills a hole in the screw fragment to help remove it from the fixture.

SR Tip

The SR, or Screw Removal Tip helps remove the fractured screw by connecting to the hole drilled in the screw fragment.

Screw Holder

The Screw Holder removes a partially protruded screw by connecting with a holder.

ESR Handle

The handle is used to hold the guide in place, ensuring minimal movement during the drilling process.

Abutment Removal Tip

This tool is used in abutment removal, connecting to the abutment and shaking from left to right to remove it. A mini version is available to handle hex slipcases.


This tool is used to recover the threads back to the original formation in case the internal thread of a fixture is damaged.

EFR Rescue Kit

EFR Rescue Kit

Fixture issues are another common factor with implants, ranging from bone resorption to implant fracture. The EFR, or Easy Fixture Removal Kit enables dental surgeons to remove fixtures without any bone loss. The process is quick and easy, and the kit sports an impressive removal success rate of more than 80%.

EFR Kit Features

Remover Screw

This intermediate tool connects to the broken fixture, acting as a prop to help remove the fixture from the bone.

Screw Driver

This tool connects to the remover screw, and is used to fasten the remover screw to the fixture.

Remover Body

This instrument connects to the remover screw during the removal process.

Torque Extension

This device lengthens the screwdriver or removal body for more complex cases.

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench tool forces the turning of the removal screw and removal body by pulling the bar.

Fixture Wrench

This wrench is used to disengage the fixture from the removal tool after the fixture is successfully removed from the bone.

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