Cone Beam CT (T1)



Dental Cone Beam CT is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. After all, the accurate and shorter time of training is nowadays required.


Multi FOV: Available FOV: 8X8, 10X9, 12X9, 15X9. Available to specify scanning area (Maxilla, Mandible single arch, Both arch, TMJ and etc).

Intuitive GUI: Easy selection of sex, age, scanning area and etc. Each mode has an intuitive interface and a touch panel.

A high ease of use: Patient alignment laser. Highly permeable support. Mood light displaying status. Voice support.

Others: Low radiation exposure, SW connection, and easy equipment interlocking.

Kit Components

Initial Drills

This drill is meant only for use with the single guide. A marking on the drill helps identify and adjust the depth of the drill from 6mm to 8mm.

Guide Pin

Pins are used to check the path after drilling and can be attached to a single guide as a placeholder while placing other drill points.

Single Guide

This disposable drilling guide set is sized to approximate the diameters of mesiodistal crowns, coming in 1mm units from Ø5.0 to Ø10.0. When used with a guide pin, they can also be used in the placement of adjacent guides.

Bridge Guide

These guides are used after initial drilling with a single guide, measuring the spacing from one drill point to the next.

Dental Implant &

Digital Guide

Surgical KIT &