Dental Unit Chair (K3)


Dental Unit Chair

Dental surgeons need quality dental chairs to ensure quality treatment. The right equipment can help maximise precision and efficiency, which is why Osstem Implant is a dental chair supplier, offering the best in dental chairs with the K3 Unit Chair.

K3 Unit Chair

The K3 Unit Chair is optimised for the dental surgeon and their team.

With an ergonomic design to keep patients comfortable and an accessible assembly to maximize doctor visibility, the K3 represents the best in dental chair design. The K3 features:

Doctor’s Table

The doctor’s table features a 4.3″ full-color LCD display panel, giving the dentist all the information they need at a glance. With a full table, mouse pad, chart holder and setting controls, this console has everything a dentist needs to ensure precision and efficiency during treatment.

Assistant’s Unit

The assistant’s unit is designed for efficiency, providing an arrangement of tools that maximise the use of space for optimal workflow.

Ergonomic Chair

Combining an ergonomic design with a high-performance hydraulic motor, this chair unit is highly comfortable while also maintaining control and visibility for the dentist.

Osstem Implant is more than a dental chair manufacturer

we’re a full-service dental surgical equipment company, offering everything dentists need. On top of our dental chairs, we offer surgical kits, implant systems and tools to help dentists give their patients the smiles they want. We even provide support for all our products, whether you need continuing education in dental surgery practices or help troubleshooting a problem with your new dental chair. At Osstem Implant, we have everything you need to focus on giving patients new smiles that last a lifetime.

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