ISQ Meter (IS3)

Implant dentistry of today is trending toward either short or no healing periods before implant loading. This has shown great success rates among patients who prefer not to wait long periods for osseointegration to occur. However, this places a higher demand on your clinical team to ensure conditions are optimal. If not, poor primary stability increases the risk of implant failure.

The IS3™ Osseointegration Monitor by Osstem Implants gives you objective and accurate measurements to help you determine implant stability. These instruments serve as your support when deciding if immediate loading is the best option for your patient. Immediate loading allows for reduced treatment time, and the IS3™ Monitor helps you manage your high-risk patients.

How It Works

The IS3™ Osseointegration Monitor relies on the RFA technique. Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) is a method that was introduced more than 20 years ago, and it allows clinicians to determine the stability of an implant. The IS3™ System utilizes a peg that is attached to the implant. This peg is excited using a hand-held tool. The vibration frequency is picked up by that instrument, and the results are represented by a numerical ISQ value, or Implant Stability Quotient.

Optimized Patient Care

The ISQ measurement scale is from 1 to 99. If the ISQ value is above 70 ISQ, then the clinician knows that the implant is stable, and the procedure can be completed using immediate loading. However, if the implant has a low initial ISQ value, then waiting to finish the implantation process may be the best course of action. Osseointegration will add stability to the implant over time.

The IS3 System Instrument Kit Characteristics

The IS3™ System instrument kit consists of everything you’ll need to determine an accurate ISQ reading of an implant. This includes:


This is the peg that’s inserted into the implant being measured. The reusable, calibrated MulTipeg is made of titanium and can be used up to 20 times without any deviation. It also provides an optimal physical fit.

MulTipeg™ Driver

The driver is used to attach the MulTipeg to the implant using 6 to 8 Ncm of torque. It is made of stainless steel, reusable and guaranteed for at least 100 autoclave cycles.

IS3™ Hand-Held Unit

This instrument’s tip is held close to the top of the MulTipeg. It emits a beeping sound when it begins the measurement process and another when it’s complete. The easy-to-read ISQ value appears on a clear display a second later.


The IS3 system is delivered together with a charger that includes adapters compatible with worldwide power sockets.

The entire IS3™ System is backed by Hiossen Implants’ dedication to superior quality dental equipment. We are committed to using our extensive expertise to provide the best implant products on the market. Our tools provide you and your patients with a better surgical experience.

Product System and Practical Use

The IS3™ system consists of a hand-held instrument and a reusable MulTipeg™. A charger is delivered together with the instrument as well as a stainless steel driver for attaching the MulTipeg™ to the implant.

Benefits of the IS3™ System

There are many benefits you can expect when you implement the IS™ system into your implant procedure, such as the following: