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Surgical Kit

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This simplified guide kit is ideal for clinicians with limited CT photographing capabilities or who want to keep costs down for their patients. The Smart Guide kit from Osstem Implant does not require CBCT scans to create a guide or place implants accurately. Instead, the kit includes a variety of pre-formed guides which sit atop existing teeth to guide the drill along an appropriate path.

Surgical Kit

Various pre-formed Smart Guide come with the kit, with enough options to fit most types of teeth defect areas.

Smart Guide feature long sleeve lengths that help maintain a precise drilling path during the drilling process.

Smart Guide are designed to form a tooth after immersion in hot liquid so they stay in place during the drilling process, minimising slippage.

Smart Guide can be used in combination with guide pins to ensure guide placement is accurate during the forming process.

Kit Components

Single Guide

Used for placing a single drill point between two teeth.

Large Guide

Used for placing two drill points 8.5mm apart between two teeth.

Free-end Guide

Used to place one or two drill points 9mm apart with only one end guided by an existing tooth.

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