Prevent orthodontic screw fractures, secure precise insertion path, minimize screw loosening and increase the convenience of abutment fastening

e-Driver Features

1. Strong and Precise Torque

∙ Adjustable within the range of 5Ncm~35Ncm (5Ncm unit)
∙ Apply torque precisely with auto stop function
∙ Check torque change in real time on the LCD screen
∙ Precise calibration by TCS (Torque Calibration System)

2. Adjustable Speed

∙ Adjustable between 15RPM~60RPM (15RPM unit)
∙ Procedure is two times faster than manual operation
∙ One-touch reverse mode

3. German Technology

∙ Precise torque and speed implementation using high-quality German FAULHABER motor

All Prosthesis-related Screw Fastenings in One!

∙ Minimize fracture/loosening with precise fastening torque
∙ Easy access to posterior area by contra-angle structure
∙ Shorten chair time due to Rapid fastening

From Orthodontic Screw Insertion to Removal!

∙ 15~35Nm torque allows insertion and removal, even in hard bone
∙ Torque setting function minimizes fracture/detachment of orthodontic screws

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