Dr’s Light G

Dr's Light G

Wireless curing light

Wireless curing light with various programs and time setting options

Excellent Usability

Various curing mode

Seven curing programs are available in this device.

High power

High power for quick polymerization.

Ergonomic design

Can grip the device as a pen & gun type.

Unique thermal control system

Unique cooling system without fan.

Auto on/off

Grip the device and the device is turn on.

Color OLED screen

Show device states on clear OLED screen.

Big capacity & Interchangeable battery

Applied big Samsung battery cell for long using time and life.

Interchangeable battery pack

User can interchange the battery easy. (Doesn’t need to send device to factory to change the battery)

Program modes

Six curing programs are available in this device.

Comparison with Other products

Interchangeable Accessories

Various guide tip
· Turbo tip (8mm) : Normal curing with strong power. (included)
· Narrow tip (3.3mm) : Curing for inside of root canal or proximal surface (option)
· Wide tip (11mm) : Irradiate wide surface (option)