One Driver for Everything, from Orthodontic Screws to Prosthetic Screws!

Prevent orthodontic screw fractures, secure precise insertion path, minimize screw loosening and increase the convenience of abutment fastening

Strong and Precise Torque

∙ Adjustable within the range of 5Ncm~35Ncm (5Ncm unit)
∙ Apply torque precisely with auto stop function
∙ Check torque change in real time on the LCD screen
∙ Precise calibration by TCS (Torque Calibration System)

Adjustable Speed

∙ Adjustable between 15RPM~60RPM (15RPM unit)
∙ Procedure is two times faster than manual operation
∙ One-touch reverse mode

German Technology

∙ Precise torque and speed implementation using high-quality German FAULHABER motor

Excellent Usability

Speed control (15RPM unit)

· Direction conversion
· Calibration

· Power
· Torque control (5Ncm unit)


LCD display (real-time)


All Prosthesis-related Screw Fastenings in One!

· Minimize fracture/loosening with precise fastening torque
· Easy access to posterior area by contra-angle structure
· Shorten chair time due to Rapid fastening

From Orthodontic ScrewInsertion to Removal!

· 15~35Nm torque allows insertion and removal, even at hard bone
· Torque setting function minimizes fracture/ detachment of orthodontic screws

Torque Setting Guide