HyMix Dispenser

Fast Setting, Accurate Automix Impression Dispenser

HyMix is Osstem’s automix impression material dispensing machine. This machine is a good investment for dentist.

∙ High speed mixing
∙ Alarm function
∙ Excellent usability

Fast mixing

Fill up a full tray in just 10 seconds with just a touch of a button

Hardening time alarm function

Set dial button to the hardening time of the impression material to as long as 8 minutes to set the alarm. No more guessing when the impression material has set!

Less wastage of impression material

It has a shorter mixing tip, so you lessen the impression material being wasted with each dispense.

Easy to carry

70% lighter than other automatic dispensing machines in the market

Compact design

Compact size with 40% less volume. Intuitive front design

Compatibility with other cartridges

High cartridge compatibility (all possible)

Excellent Usability

Easy to carry due to the 70% lighter weight compared to other brands. Compact size with 40% less volume. Convenient storage of mixing tip (15units). High cartridge compatibility (all possible). Intuitive front part design


Convenience Functions

· Press once to replace the impression material
· Keep Pressing to dispense


Convenience Functions

· Press once to piston reposition


Safety Function

· Alarming the dispense of the materials

High Speed Mixing

Full Mouth Tray Injection in 10seconds

· More working time with a fast dispense.
· Completion of injecting to the tray in 10seconds at the touch of a button.

Dispense Speed Value

Hardening Time Alarming Function

30sec Interval, 8minutes Max

· Set an alarm to the hardening time of the impression material used (8minutes max)
· Convenient dial button
· Hardening time settable by users according to the external environment (temperature and hardener)

Alarming Function

Alarm set > Dispense alarm rings > Remove the impression body