Synthetic Bone Graft with Excellent Osteogenesis and Bone Replacement (Synthetic Bone Substitute)

Synthetic Bone Graft with Excellent Bone Formation and Replacement Capacity


Optimal composition for osteogenesis (β-TCP 80% + HA 20%)


Outstanding pore structure and blood wettability


Excellent bone replacement capacity is appropriate for use at sites requiring bone tissue replacement

Optimal composition of B-TCP 80% + HA 20% promoting osteogenesis. Excellent xenograft substitute with unique pore structure and inter-connected microspheres with excellent blood wettability properties. Stable levels of new bone formation and volume maintenance

Porous structure

Q-Oss+ has porous structure that enhances hydrophilicity and conduct favourable bone growth factors.

Natural Bone


Hydrophilicity evaluation

Porous structured Q-Oss+ has excellent hydrophilicity

New bone generation ability evaluation

Q-Oss+ has new bone generation ability 40~44% higher than competitors

Biologically no rejection

Q-Oss+ supported by low possibility of oral bacteria attachment after hydration with saline which proved an excellent hydrophilcity, therefore, it indicates safety from oral infection.

Clinical comment by User (Dr. Kim YongJin)

Alloplast, binary bone material, is HA & β-TCP composition that classified as absorbable and non-absorbable by its composition ratio.

Q-Oss+: HA 20%+β-TCP 80%

Higher ratio of β-TCP that has advantage on rapid osteogenesis rate compared to HA 100% bone material. Therefore, the first indication of alloplast is the osteogenesis essential case.