Stock Abutment

Stock abutments and Smart abutments

Abutments are connectors placed on or built into the top of a dental implant, connecting the implant to a replacement tooth. These connectors are a key part of any implant prosthetic, playing a key role in the final look of an implant.

Stock Abutments

Stock Abutments, also called standard abutments, are pre-manufactured abutments, made by dental implant companies to fit an existing implant system. Mass-produced and fitted to the implant, these dental stock abutments are cost-effective but are not custom-fit to the patient. This means that though the implant is less expensive, the result can vary in aesthetic appearance.

Smart Abutments

Smart Abutments, or fitted abutments, are custom-made abutments, created by a dental laboratory using an impression of the individual’s mouth. This data, as well as the position of the implant, is then used to create a custom abutment that fits perfectly into the patient’s implant and gum line, bringing optimal aesthetic results, albeit with a higher price tag.

Dental stock abutments are by far the most popular option for many dental implant patients, providing cost-effective results. Osstem Implant offers a variety of standard abutment components to maximise the appearance of your implant, bringing patients the best of both worlds.