EFR Rescue Kit

EFR Rescue Kit

Fixture issues are another common factor with implants, ranging from bone resorption to implant fracture. The EFR, or Easy Fixture Removal Kit enables dental surgeons to remove fixtures without any bone loss. The process is quick and easy, and the kit sports an impressive removal success rate of more than 80%.

EFR Kit Features

Like our other products, our EFR Kit has premium features, such as:

This intermediate tool connects to the broken fixture, acting as a prop to help remove the fixture from the bone.

This tool connects to the remover screw, and is used to fasten the remover screw to the fixture.

This instrument connects to the remover screw during the removal process.

This device lengthens the screwdriver or removal body for more complex cases.

The torque wrench tool forces the turning of the removal screw and removal body by pulling the bar.

This wrench is used to disengage the fixture from the removal tool after the fixture is successfully removed from the bone.

This system is backed by Osstem Implant’ expertise in dental surgical equipment production, following years of research in the field to produce a kit that uses all available knowledge to produce the best product. Our dedication to dental health has pushed us to dedicate countless resources to such production practices, so no matter which drill kit you choose, you’re sure to get quality every time. With our tools, you can give your patients the “third set of teeth” they’ve been dreaming of.

Osstem Implant offers a variety of products and services besides our drill kits, including implant systems and in-house mentoring services. In short, Osstem Implant can help your practice get everything you need to give your patients a new smile that lasts a lifetime.

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